Most kids hate school. But I, for one, love it. Not only do I have the opportunities to learn and hang out with friends, but I also have the chance to enjoy some peace and quiet.

Most kids hate their siblings. But I can’t bring myself to hate mine. We’ve all lived through the same struggle, with the same challenges, and all we have sometimes is each other.

Most kids love their parents. But it’s hard to love two people whose voices you only hear screaming. 

Most kids love going out to eat. But I’ve never been. Well, I went once on a field trip with my third grade class. I think I liked it, but I can’t honestly tell you I remember that day very well.

Most kids love weekends. But dealing with the constant din of shouting and fighting for two days and nights is a hard thing to do on an empty stomach.

Most kids hate tests. But me? Well, that’s my favorite part of the day. I’ve always had to be a quick thinker, so I get done nice and fast, put my head down, and enjoy the silence.

Most kids hate working. But I intentionally seek out long hours, even though I’m just a cashier. It’s boring, but boredom isn’t the worst thing. A wise man once called it a curse to live in interesting times. Working is the least interesting thing I can do.

Most kids hate studying. But that’s all I do most evenings. I lock myself in my room, open up my books, and become totally immersed – even in something as menial as calculus.

Most kids can’t wait to go to college. But none more than me. Years of struggle, hunger, and hard work paid off.

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