I still remember myself screaming in pain, just wishing I had someone to hold my hand. The doctors insisted on a normal delivery and I almost gave up. The only thing crossing my mind were my mother’s words, “the caterpillar never gives up, it has to crawl all over, keep its head down, dodge the dangers before it touches the sky”. “One more”, said the doctor and I gave it all I had and the next thing I witnessed was a tiny thing with sparkling eyes screaming its way out to the world, which made everything worthwhile. I could feel myself flying high dashing through the rainbow. That pink, pale handful of life gave me a reason to start, a reason to not give up and keep going. The day witnessed not only a new born baby but a new born mother who could fight and conquer the whole world to bring a smile on that little face. I carved into my mind the words – every mother is born with resilience which no failure can destroy.
…. I closed the diary as I read the last lines again. There she was on the bed paying heed to her own words. She taught me to rise after a fall, smile after every cry, be happy for no reason. She taught me to be strong and never stop trying, she taught me that there is nothing you can’t achieve if you are ready to fail. I placed the diary beside her and took her hand in mine and whispered to her, “this caterpillar will never give up”. I could see those eyes sparkle with an emotion enigmatic. Records may say that her daughter died way back, but she never stopped being a mother.

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