They named her Autumn.

Her titian-red hair a perfect match for the tumbling leaves that floated past the nursery window.

There is a myth that redheads have a temper…


Autumn was blessed with a caring nature and a deep sense of fairness.  But it would be during her schooldays that another characteristic would surface.  A temper… reducing those in its wake to a quivering wreck.  And all it would take to unleash the full force was an act of unfairness.  Despite her outbursts being for all the right reasons, they would habitually lead to one thing… detention.

It would be her teacher who offered some sound advice.

“You must learn to control your emotions. There is much to be gained from using the fire that rages inside you to your advantage and for the benefit of that you value the most… fighting unfairness.”


The Statue of Justice is located on the street of Old Bailey, close to St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.  In one hand the Lady Justice holds a sword, a symbol of enforcement and respect.  In the other, the scales, symbolising a fair legal system, free of prejudice, so that a just outcome can be reached.

These symbols would become the catalyst for Autumn’s decision to enter the legal profession.  She studied hard and, by the time she had passed the bar exam, she had already determined the direction her path would take.

Curbing her temper was another challenge entirely but one she worked tirelessly to achieve, developing more innovative and constructive ways of using it in the defence of those unfairly accused.


Recognised as the most dynamic barrister of her generation, her court appearances became legendary.

She possesses not only a talent for extricating empathy from a jury but the capacity to take apart a prosecution’s case with the guile of a skilled assassin… a judge would remark.

Her peers who came up against her in court, falling victim to these attributes, would find her to be a formidable opponent.

While those she defended so ferociously would revere her.

They named her… Lady Justice.

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Margarida Brei
Margarida Brei(@margarida-brei)
9 months ago

Putting our emotions to good use in helping others is extremely smart. Good teaching, Linda.

Allan Neil
Allan Neil(@allan-neil)
9 months ago

Her temper remined me of my own auburn haired daughter. Our bungalow had been built in 1938 and its first owner had constructed a handy air-raid shelter under the floorboards. It was my place of refuge if I upset Jo! I’ve also had the good (or bad) fortune to have encountered defence briefs like Autumn in Courts of various levels.
Great description of character, Linda. Another fine story from Shoreham’s best!

Bella Minyo
Bella Minyo(@bella-minyo)
9 months ago

Utilizing your emotions for the benefit of others and working hard is always a good option. It was a truly enjoyable read, Linda, and I hope there is more to this story since I would like to see all the difficulties Autumn went through to reach the title of Lady Justice.

Bella Minyo
Bella Minyo(@bella-minyo)
Reply to  Linda Rock
9 months ago

I will certainly be waiting for your stories, Linda! I always have so much pleasure reading them.

Greene M Wills
Greene M Wills(@greene-m-wills)
9 months ago

A fiery red temper to go with her sense of right and wrong and the passion to pursue a very difficult career. I love your ingredients that make you story unique!

Lotchie Carmelo
Lotchie Carmelo(@lotchie-carmelo)
9 months ago

Wow! Linda. I really enjoyed it. 

Intriguing! How will Autumn achieve her new title of Lady Justice? 

And I will never forget this wonderful advice: “You must learn to control your emotions. There is much to be gained from using the fire that rages inside you to your advantage and for the benefit of that you value the most… fighting unfairness.” Nicely done, Linda. 

Lotchie Carmelo
Lotchie Carmelo(@lotchie-carmelo)
Reply to  Linda Rock
9 months ago

You’re welcome, Linda.

Sandra James
Sandra James(@sandra-james)
8 months ago

I thoroughly enjoyed your story, Linda, and the way it progressed in different sections which helped to emphasize how she gradually gained control over her temper and put her strong emotions to good use. Well done!
If only more people could use their talents/foibles/shortcomings to the greater good!

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