-Eh, where? 

-Here you idiot, between my eyes! What do you see?

-I-I don’t know, your skin? 

-Wrong answer, we’ll try again tomorrow.

She was taller than me and she picked on me all the time. We weren’t even that close. I kept saying skin for the years that followed, I never understood the point of it. Yesterday she asked again, she had changed her hair, gotten slimmer, she grew I figured, as had I.

-Come on Mikey bear what do you see, look hard.

-Skin. It’s just your skin Bella, how long will you keep this up?

-Wrong answer again. 

-Oh come on, just tell me the answer!

-Mmmh nope, you lost it now.

I suppose I was never good enough.Time passed but she never got impatient. At times I thought there really wasn’t a right answer and Bella was just having a laugh. But the more I noticed the sadder her expression got, the saggier, more mature her face formed. 

-Whaaat do you seee, and don’t answer quickly. 

 I had grown much taller than her, in order to look I had to crouch. 

I straightened my back, it had started to ache. Chairs aren’t that comfortable anymore. Rumours spread that Bella had died. I didn’t believe them until a letter came to my mail this morning. 

Tears sprinkled the paper like autumn rain.

 “Mikey bear, you got it right all along! You weren’t saying it but you were seeing it alright. It was me that I wanted you to see. And through me, yourself, and all of our surroundings. It was time that I wanted to show you. He tends to sneak up on us and cause a scene, a heartbreak. But really he’s always here, lingering, waiting, we are his canvas and with every little brush stroke he reveals himself to us. I wanted you to notice his art. I wanted to teach you how to see him, how to appreciate him and honestly, I wanted to connect with him as well, I admittedly kind of used you for that. Forgive me will ya?”

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Margarida Brei
Margarida Brei(@margarida-brei)
15 days ago

Lydia, who do your two protagonists symbolise?Love the idea of humans as a canvas!

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