Holding the metal angel, I admired its unique shape, silver colour and exquisite design. Its engraving, “The heart of a home is love”, made me pause in decorating the Christmas tree. A tsunami of memories washed over me. 

Over a decade ago, I recalled wandering hospital corridors to distract my mind from our youngest daughter being in surgery. Attempting to read a book was futile; the same paragraph swam meaninglessly.

Constantly, I gave my husband tasks to complete to prevent falling into a maelstrom of worry. “Love, take the hospital stairs down to the lake. Walk around it counting the swans. They’re beautiful with the sun on their sequinned wings. Then go and find the location of the cafeteria. Buy yourself a hot drink.”

Drifting into the gift shop, a choir of angels greeted me. Like an antique connoisseur, I carefully looked through the diamante angels sending a rainbow of colours my way. The fabric angels were dismissed as dust collectors. The silver angel, so perfect in its shape and engraved message, had to be purchased.

Relief flooded over us at the sight of our groggy daughter in the private room. The words “successful operation” ran happily through our veins as the youngest gradually swam upwards from a fog of anaesthesia. 

That evening we were joined by an elder daughter- the family rebel. Charisma informed us there was no need for Mum to sleep on the uninviting plastic couch. The silver angel beamed from the hospital bed as Charisma lay beside her sister. Tiptoeing away, my husband and I glowed with a sense of good parenting skills in raising a caring independent daughter.

Next morning, the burly male aide, looking at my two girls still sleeping, humorously asked, “Why wasn’t I invited to the sleepover?” His tough biker appearance belied a good heart. Thankfully, he realised too that what an anxious mother needed was comic relief rather than chiding. So happy; an extensive list spanning doctors to nurses watched over our family.

With such fond memories of family love and kindness, I hung the silver angel on the Christmas tree.

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12 days ago

What a sweet story, Margarida. I remember members of my own family crawling into a hospital bed with a loved one to keep them company. It’s such a loving gesture, and so comforting. I love the picture of the angel ornament. Is this based on a real part of your own history?

Greene M Wills
Greene M Wills(@greene-m-wills)
8 days ago

A happy ending against a poor mother’s ocean of worry. I loved the description of the attempted distractions, when nothing works to take a mind away from the incessant beating of unwelcome thoughts. Yes, a very poignant story!

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Melissa Taggart
Melissa Taggart(@melissa-taggart)
3 days ago

This is a great story, Margarida. It is beautiful and I feel you did a fantastic job showcasing a mother’s love to the reader. Your angel picture is lovely– you can tell this story came from the heart. Great work!

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