Fuzzy memories fill my head from the past years. The chilly breeze of Ohio, the warm hugs of my grandmother, and the days when I saw all my cousins. I was only five then, so all of the memories have perished into nothingness. All except one – my Gaga’s house.

I remember her little house on one of the bigger hills of Ohio. On the front porch, there was a Brutus Buckeye statue, welcoming you into her humble abode. On the inside, there were little candies waiting for me. I would sit with my mom, grandmother, and Gaga for a little while before running off. 

I would go to the basement, where there were plenty of old toys for me to play with. As I walked down the stairs, I could faintly remember the wallpaper that was decorated with bright bird paintings.

Once I got into the basement, I looked through boxes of old toys. A stuffed bunny that the cat pooped on, bubbles, a blow up parrot, and some darts. I always played darts, not that I was very good. My dad would say I was “the best he had ever seen” but we both knew that wasn’t true.

My little brother and I once played with the bubbles outside with my Gramma. I got the blow up parrot stuck in the fountain a hundred times and my cousin warned me about the stuffed bunny. 

I can remember Gaga’s face clearly. Her kind blue eyes and her short silver hair remind me that she was always there for me. Her gentle smile and warm hugs remind me of days when she knew who she was. I barely got to see her but she was my family and all those little moments were all part of one bigger one: my Gaga’s house.

As I remember these bitter-sweet moments, I now realize that these memories of my family are precious. I’ll remember them forever, even though my Gaga doesn’t anymore. Even though she doesn’t remember me, I’ll never forget her.

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Margarida Brei
Margarida Brei(@margarida-brei)
13 days ago

I like your opening lines which sweetly set the scene and tone. So are you also making a pun of the name Gaga?

12 days ago

What a lovely story of family and tradition! I really appreciate the details of the setting. Each toy described so that the reader can not only see it, but feel its history! The beautiful rolling hills of Ohio. The “Brutus Buckeye” statue! Brilliant. I didn’t know who Brutus Buckeye was, but now I do, and through that statue, I know more about the family in the story. Great writing, great descriptions – especially impressive coming from a middle schooler! Keep writing!!

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Allan Neil
Allan Neil(@allan-neil)
3 days ago

A lovely, simple story, yet so vividly described. It kind of induced a reverse nostalgia in me of my childhood with a loving, close family in a grimy little mining and mill town in Scotland’s winter! Very heart-warming, thank you Leyla.

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