There was something soothing in the cozy summer breeze that morning. A blissful peace draped over the oak trees and floated lazily through the flowers, coaxing the birds into a gentle song. The air itself hummed with joy.

The woman sat comfortably on the grass with her forehead resting on the cold stone in front of her. After delicately placing a lily on the soft ground, she let out the breath she had been holding.

“Today is beautiful,” she murmured softly to the stone. “You would be out for a walk, picking the flowers.”  A gentle smile played on her face.

“I wish I could make one more bouquet with you. The gardenias we planted are so big now. Did you know that eggshells help plants grow? We should’ve been saving them after baking cookies all those years.”

Her smile gets shaky, sending tears to glaze over her eyes. “Why does everything have to seem so happy today?”

Her eyebrows scrunch and her lips tremble as she raises her head to gaze at the blurry stone in front of her. “Why do I have to be so happy? I don’t want to be happy right now,” she whispers.

”I miss you… You know I miss you, and love you.”

As she sat face to face with the gravestone she tried to block out the melody of the nature around her. She tried to ignore the peaceful whispers from the wind. She tried to hush the joyful singing from the birds.

”Alright…” she relented, whisking away her tears. “You always hated when I moped around anyway.”

With a light sigh she rose to her feet, brushing the leaves and grass from her dress. The natural music in the cemetery around her seemed to rise as she did.

“I simply can’t be anything but happy today.” Placing a warm hand on the top of the gravestone, a wide smile began to grow like a blossom on her face.

“I have something to tell you, mom!” She beamed proudly.

”I’m going to be a mother too!”

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4 months ago

Very sweet conversation between, as it turns out, two mothers. Nice description of the “natural music” of wind and birds in the cemetery. Such happiness is to be shared, as happens in the last sentence. Well done.

Margarida Brei
Margarida Brei(@margarida-brei)
6 months ago

Welcome to Voice.Club, Lydia. Really enjoyed all of your descriptions of nature and the protagonist’s interactions. December can be so joyous and yet so sad, when we remember who will not be alive to celebrate Christmas with us.
You perfectly captured the thoughts and emotions of a female losing her mother. Love your last sentence!
Well done! Looking forward to more of your flash fiction!

Allan Neil
Allan Neil(@allan-neil)
6 months ago

Welcome to the gang, Lydia and what a lovely way to introduce yourself. I love the tempo of the story and the way you describe the narrator’s slow mood swing, ending with real optimism for the future.

Lotchie Carmelo
Lotchie Carmelo(@lotchie-carmelo)
5 months ago

Hello, Lydia. Welcome to voice club. I love your first story. It really resonated with me. Especially the sad thing remembering those love ones who died and cannot celebrate with us. But your positive ending makes sense and makes me smile as it creates hope and future. Very well done.

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