“So, tell me about yourself.”

“Me? Well, there’s not anything particularly interesting about me.”

“Tell me about your social life, your favorite book, your family… anything.”

“Well… My mom was the one who wanted me to do this.”

“Oh, interesting.”

“Yeah, but Dad was against it. He said I was strong enough to make it without. Mom convinced him that I was strong enough, but I might need the extra help. She’s like that. Always thinking about others before herself, always giving, never worrying about herself. She’s beautiful too. She has brown hair and blue eyes. Nothing particularly special, but she is. Maybe it’s her personality that makes her look more beautiful to those who know her, because that’s flawless too.”


“And my dad, he’s the person I looked up to the most. Every time I fell off my bike, messed up a recipe, or couldn’t figure out a school assignment, he made me try again until I could get it right. He has short brown hair with speckles of grey in it, he calls it his ‘highlights’ because he knows it’ll make me laugh.”


“And my little brother. Mikey, he’s something. Sweet as sugar, but stubborn. He’s a part of Mom and Dad. He always aces his college classes, and lives with Mom and Dad because they need him. He’s got brown hair and soft brown eyes, like Dad.”

 “Ok, Ms. Eleanor-”

“I’m sorry, but I realize I forgot someone. My grandma. She lives with my parents because her house was revoked last year, and she has dementia so my parents thought she would be better with them than in a nursing home. She’s the sweetest, with her grey-white hair and blue eyes. She’s my mom’s mom. I read books to her, sing to her, and play the piano for her. She adores the piano, and she’s the reason I started playing, because she loved it so much.”

“Ms. Eleanor?”


“Your family died in a house fire two months ago.”

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    Margarida Brei
    Margarida Brei(@margarida-brei)
    9 months ago

    Welcome, welcome to Voice.Club Reagan. I thought it was really humorous that Ms. Eleanor talked and talked about her family, until the last line. Your final sentence literally drained me of any happy feelings!
    Well done! I look forward to reading more of your fast fiction.

    Greene M Wills
    Greene M Wills(@greene-m-wills)
    9 months ago

    Absolutely loved it, Reagan! The quirky, loving description of Eleanor’s family is a great contrast to the chilling last line. I am left wondering if Eleanor has removed her memory of their death out of pain or out of guilt… well done!

    Lotchie Carmelo
    Lotchie Carmelo(@lotchie-carmelo)
    8 months ago

    Welcome to voice club, Reagan. Wow. It was an absolutely great story. Your ending surprised me and keeps me wondering. Very well done. I am looking forward to reading more stories from you.

    Lotchie Carmelo
    Lotchie Carmelo(@lotchie-carmelo)
    Reply to  Reagan Towers
    8 months ago

    You’re most welcome, Reagan.

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