Raven was one who hated anything loud and busy and his family was the loudest and busiest of all, especially during these cheery seasons. There were eleven siblings, ages ranging from three to eighteen, running about, parents climbing over their self-proclaimed monkey bars in order to finish dinner, and music playing to ward off the feared consumption from a quiet house inevitably being consumed by the sounds of a shining, playful laughter. Their house lived on top a hill and stretched out long enough to hold fifteen, yet it felt as if it were threatening to burst. So many different colors created a blur among this bustling home.

This atmosphere gave Raven a headache so he sat on top the barren arms of a pear tree and watched as the little trickle of the sun’s footprints faded to give way to the moon’s reign. White noise occupied the stars, and night creatures made their beds for the day shifters. A soft, solemn wind filled his lycanthrope ears and ruffled his hair. The whole world viewed in the glory of the blue moon from atop the resting tree on the hill created comfort. But why is there loneliness now?

“There you are,” a soft voice filled the air. Amber, who had just gained a conscience, looked up with a certain shine in her eyes. 

Raven immediately noticed, “I just needed a break, don’t worry.” 

“Liar.” This girl, despite being the fourth youngest, was the smartest. “Do you really hate us that much?” 

“You know that’s not true,” Raven’s ears lowered a bit, signaling the absence of a lie. “I already miss everyone.”

“Mommy finished making the apple pie.” Those were words that didn’t need to be said. The smell had already reached Raven’s sensitive nostrils long before Amber arrived.

Still, a look back at the illuminated house introduced a longing. Loneliness had created doubt but pie succeeded persuasion. They both walked into the bustling palace and watched as all the colors remained stagnant for a moment, followed by a collective “welcome back.” He felt at peace. Hate had no power here.

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4 months ago

What great descriptive phrases. Love of family comes through the entire story, even in Raven’s lowest moments, All creatures need both solitude and familial love. Thank you for reminding us of that.

4 months ago

This is an incredible story that should appeal to introverts everywhere, Clariel. Your use of colors was so imaginative and descriptive in a different way. With that many people in the house, and a protagonist who preferred quiet and solitude, everyone must have blended into a montage of soft colors. Your picture was perfect for this story and drew me in right away. More of your great, writing, please! Welcome to Voice… Read more »

Christer Norrlof
Christer Norrlof(@christer-norrlof)
4 months ago

I can easily identify with Raveńs situation in your wonderful story, Clariel. He loves his family yet has the need for quiet and loneliness. You made me smile with the sentence, “Raven’s ears lowered a bit, signaling the absence of a lie.” Please share some more stories with us!

Margarida Brei
Margarida Brei(@margarida-brei)
4 months ago

Clariel- what a beautiful unique name- welcome to Voice.Club. I enjoyed your reading because of -its unique imagery -the werewolf protagonists – the questioning qualities. Raven questioned his place within the family and his sense of loneliness. It left me with a sense of wanting to read more of this flavourful story – the unusual colour theme. Can a werewolf be autistic? As a mother of six children, I am intrigued by… Read more »

Reply to  Margarida Brei
4 months ago

How interesting that you perceived “werewolf protagonists” in this story, Margarida. I had a different take. Raven’s “lycanthrope ears” seemed to refer to his self-imagined status as a lone wolf – different than the rest of the family. Again, I see this as a story of the introvert in all of us. I’m also intrigued by your suggesting a connection between colours and autism, Margarida. I’ve never seen such a connection, but… Read more »

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