Lebo grew up with a fascination for fire. This had him labelled as weird as he grew up. He was always seen as an outcast. His vision of a world transformed by the flames never left him, even as an adult, and one day he decided to feed his fantasies and search for the fire that had called him for so long. He set out on a journey to find the source of the fire and make his vision a reality.

Along the way, Lebo was joined by three individuals who resonated with his purpose – Johannes, Grace, and Medil. As they forged ahead, they faced dangers and overcame obstacles, until they finally reached the source of the fire – a massive volcano that roared with an inferno of molten lava.

The four without hesitating scaled the volcano and once at the top in a supernatural manner, they all agreed to jump inside the volcano. The fire began to flow into their bodies making the vessels for the flames. And then, one by one – Lebo, Johannes, Grace, and Medil – became beings of pure power. The transformation was complete, and the group set out to bring about the change that Lebo had seen in his vision.

They travelled the world, wielding their powers with grace and skill that inspired awe and fear. They burned away the technology that held people back and freed them from their mental chains, revealing a new world of beauty and wonder. People flocked to the four friends, seeking guidance and wisdom, and they became leaders, helping people understand the power of nature and how to live in harmony with it.

The transformation that Lebo had seen in his vision had become a reality, and the world was forever changed. The four friends decided to retreat and become watchers of the world they had freed. Lebo decided to have the day shift and became the sun, Medil took the night shift and became the moon. Grace and Johannes because they wanted to stay together became the rain and thunder.

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Margarida Brei
Margarida Brei(@margarida-brei)
17 days ago

Nyasha, welcome to Voice.Club. Great story about supernatural fire-loving heroes who right the world. Your following sentence resonated strongly with me, because I believe that we have become overly dependent on technology. Cell phone use has to an extent diminished face to face contact and socialisation, computers have shrunk our ability to think for ourselves and drawn many inside away from the great outdoors. “They burned away the technology that held people… Read more »

15 days ago

Hi Nyasha – I really enjoyed reading your story. You have made good observations and inspired hope that many people can be “freed them from their mental chains”

I also really like how your heroes strived for “helping people understand the power of nature and how to live in harmony with it.”

Look forward to your next story – keep writing  ? 

Lotchie Carmelo
Lotchie Carmelo(@lotchie-carmelo)
14 days ago

A warm welcome to the voice club, Nyasha. Wow! Your supernatural story is truly inspiring. I also enjoyed it so much.

Like Margarida and Chris, this sentence also resonated with me: “They burned away the technology that held people back and freed them from their mental chains, revealing a new world of beauty and wonder.”

Well done. I wish to read more stories from you soon.

Thompson Emate
Thompson Emate(@thompson-emate)
12 days ago

This is a great story, Nyasha. I love the way you personified the elements of nature. Well done. Welcome to Voice.club.

11 days ago

What a great read, Nyasha! In addition to excellent writing, you selected a really wonderful picture – unforgettable, in fact. How did you find a picture that so perfectly fits your story? Welcome to the Voice Club.

Margarida Brei
Margarida Brei(@margarida-brei)
9 days ago

Congratulations on your win, Nyasha and for such powerful writing. It reads rather like a legend!

Lotchie Carmelo
Lotchie Carmelo(@lotchie-carmelo)
8 days ago

A huge congratulations on your win, Nyasha.

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