Tick, or tock?
Ring, or knock?
Left, or right?
Fight, or flight?

Up, or down?
Smile, or frown?
Yes, or no?
Stay, or go?

Black, or white?
Day, or night?
Live, or die?
Truth, or lie?

So many simple decisions that led to this moment, that will lead to the next moment, and never stop. This or that leads to that or this. Will I choose wrong? Will I choose right? How do I know if I chose right or not? How will my decision affect others?

I close my eyes and I reach my hand out, but at the moment of impact, I rapidly pull my hand back as a wave of guilt overcomes me. I take a deep breath and try to rationalize this decision. Am I as deserving as everyone else? If I walk away right now, will the next person be deserving? Will there even be a next time?

Screw it. I have to look out for myself. I puff up my chest, stand a little taller, and grab the last pack of toilet paper. I walk confidently down the aisle and I don’t look back.

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