I laid out all my choices before I went to bed last night, eager for the big day today. Now I’m looking over the collection with great excitement. All I have to do is pick which one to wear, and I’ll be ready. It’s my first week out in public in months, so the impression I make is incredibly important. My fans have had binoculars and cameras trained on the apartment for days, hoping to catch a glimpse of me. Reporters are waiting, strategically placed around the front door. My grand appearance needs to be stunning.

Let me choose. All of these beauties were handmade by my own seamstresses. Each one is designed to show off some incredible aspect of my multi-faceted self. But only one will be right for this momentous occasion. Which shall it be?

This blue one is nice; it brings out the color of my eyes and is reminiscent of “Morning Glories”. The red one fairly screams self-assurance and raw power, as in “She Conquers”. The pastel one covered with flowers is quite delicate and feminine. Maybe I should portray the sweet, shy young thing the audience loved in “When Will He Come?”. Ah, but here’s the one I love best. Jet black, shot through with tiny filigrees of silver lace. I’ve always been known for understated elegance and a slight leaning toward film noir. This is the one. I’m certain. I put it on and turn this way and that in front of the mirror. Perfect!

I throw on a pair of old jeans and a slinky sweater and open my door to the cacophony of paparazzi and the flash of bulbs. I can just see tomorrow’s headlines: “Film star sets the new standard for covid masks!” It’s true. Mine really is the coolest mask ever, and will no doubt start a new trend. I suddenly have one of my brilliant ideas for a new movie. I imagine the trailer, featuring my gorgeous baby blues barely visible above black and silver lace. “Don’t miss ‘Masques’, coming soon to a Zoom Theater near you.”

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Christer Norrlof
Christer Norrlof(@christer-norrlof)
2 years ago

You take the wearing of face masks to a new level with this exhilarating story, Fuji! Once again, you manage to bring a big surprise moment to your story. When the Famous Star throws on her jeans and sweater, at least I had to go back and read the story from the beginning again, now with a totally different aspect and understanding. I will remember this story as long as face masks… Read more »

Ngozi Andrew
Ngozi Andrew(@ngozi-andrew)
2 years ago

Beautifully crafted, and you were able to add suspense to a story this short. I hope to be able to write this well soon.

Leena Auckel
Leena Auckel(@leena-auckel)
2 years ago

I liked the description of each colour and their characteristics! And to find out they were masks…hats off!??

Eric Radcliffe
Eric Radcliffe(@eric-radcliffe)
2 years ago

Well Fuji, what the mask doesn’t hide is your bubbling enthusiasm that comes out in your story. Every word written bounces along, and I’m saying to my self this person is so flamboyant, and then the surprise – jeans! But then from nowhere comes ‘The Mask’. Caught out by the writer again – Well done Fuji.

Susan Dawson
Susan Dawson(@susan-dawson)
2 years ago

How glamorous you make this sound. Makes me want to go out and buy replacements for all the ones I can’t find at the moment. Very relevant story with the surprise element.

Lotchie Carmelo
Lotchie Carmelo(@lotchie-carmelo)
2 years ago

You portray a very creative and passionate version of wearing a face mask which is necessary for today’s pandemic. You also portray a very creative description of each color and its equivalent definition. I will surely think of it every time I’m wearing my face mask.

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