She hadn’t had a good sleep for a while. The wedding preparations had taken their toll on her. It had been back-and-forth preparations. It was her best friend’s wedding and she had to hold the umbrella for her. A fortnight ago, it had been endless days of shopping, planning, and dress rehearsals. She was glad the wedding had come and gone. She could breathe freely. She loved the wedding not only because it was her best friend’s wedding but also because it took place during summer. Summer was her best season. She calls summer, “Dawn’s Symphony”.

Waking up, she decided to give herself a treat at the gallery. She loved nature and the arts. They opened the door into a tranquil world for her. They were her windows to blooming meadows. She loved the paintings but one of them held her spellbound. It was simple but struck a chord in her. It took her down yesterday’s lane. She remembered how they strolled together. She remembered how he carried her on his back. She remembered the poems he recited to her. She remembered how he slowly sank into the sea of his work and later relocated somewhere she’d rather not remember.

“Oh! Hello.”
“You seem to love this painting. You’ve been standing here for a while.”
“Yeah, I do.”
“I like it too but not like the one over there.”
“Oh, I like that, too.”
“But not like this. That I’m sure of.”
“Yeah. Somehow.”
“Then buy it.”
“It would be footprints to the past. I would be held up by yesterday.”
“Oh. Ok. I’ll call it, “Seashore of Yesterday”. I have to go. Someone is waiting for me. Bye.”
“Oh, forgot to introduce myself. I’m Steve.”
“It’s a pleasure.”
“It’s a pleasure, too.”

She looked at the painting and shook her head. She wore her sunglasses as she turned around to leave.

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    Margarida Brei
    Margarida Brei(@margarida-brei)
    26 days ago

    A sweet mysterious tale, which seems just the beginning of a great story. I love summer’s reference to “Dawn’s Symphony!” Well done, Thompson!

    Lotchie Carmelo
    Lotchie Carmelo(@lotchie-carmelo)
    24 days ago

    Wow. I have many words that struck in my mind. “They were her windows to blooming meadows ” ; “…be footprints to the past. I would be held up by yesterday” ; and “Seashore of Yesterday”. What a great read from a mystic tale of the past. Well done, Thompson.

    N Jungeberg
    N Jungeberg(@n-jungeberg)
    14 days ago

    Who hasn’t seen or experienced something that would have them ‘be held up by yesterday’??? I know the feeling so well especially when viewing a work of art that transports you back to a time you can’t ever forget. I really liked this as I could relate to it on a very personal level. Keep the pen flowing!

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