“It’s time,” he announced.

The young star turned to look upon his father. Magnus Prime. One of the brightest stars in the galaxy. Seventeen planets in his solar system, all living harmoniously.

“What if I make the wrong decision?” asked Agicon.

His father smiled. “All you need to do is trust your heart my boy, hearts know things minds cannot comprehend.”

“But what if my species turns bad? Destroys the others?”

“Then you’ll step in, like your mother did with the earthlings. She sent a comet so large that it wiped almost all of them out. The new creatures, her humans, don’t even remember the crimes of their ancestors.”

Agicon nodded.

“It’ll be okay, you’re ready,” said Magnus as he opened the black hole.

“Welcome to The North Quadrant Rock Shop!” called Rifikus. Rifikus was a bright blue star that had traveled the galaxy far and wide to find lost planets in need of a sun, or so said his sign.

“What will it be today? A nice watery planet? Perhaps a red rock? A gaseous mass?”

“Something simple,” said Magnus “it’s the boy’s first planet.”

“Oh your first planet! How exciting! Well I have many wonderful options for you. We have this little fella. Rocky, high nitrogen supply, could develop a nice reptilian race.”

Agicon looked upon the surface. “It’s really dry…”

“Well then perhaps a nice watery planet. This one right here has 98% coverage. You could have all kinds of aquatic creatures swimming around.”

Agicon’s face lit up as he remembered his mother’s great leviathans, they had always been his favorite of her species, but there are so many water planets. He wanted something special.

“How about this onyx planet?” suggested Rifikus. He held out a black shining sphere. Its crystalline soil glimmered in Agicon’s light. Its sparkling waters danced like distant stars. “Not sure what type of life forms this one would breed, it’s truly one of a kind.”

Agicon was mesmerized, his eyes twinkled like its oceans and his mouth hung open. His heart fluttered with excitement. “This one, I pick this one.”

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