As a child, I used to visit my grandfather every day when going home from school. He was always in his garden, regardless of the season and weather. It could be snowing and there weren’t even any flowers or crops, he’d still spend his hours looking at his soil. But he was a true working man. Every spring, summer, and autumn he spent tending his garden. One spring season, his flowers wouldn’t grow. No one knew why, since the weather was proper and there were never any issues about it. He dwelt on it and wondered what he was doing wrong. One day, one flower started growing. It was small and it was very fragile.

From that moment, he never mentioned the garden and he never pondered about his other flowers and crops again. He was happy, even if it was taking care of just one flower. As a kid, I never really understood why he was so amazed by just one flower when there were so many others that couldn’t bloom. Has he stopped caring about other flowers? I took the courage and asked him. He smiled at me and said “It doesn’t matter whether it’s a whole garden of beautiful and colorful flowers or just one beautiful flower. As long as I get to help at least one plant to grow, I’ll be a happy man.”

My grandfather could have been sad about his garden, but instead, he decided to let it go and take care of the only flower that got to blossom. Sometimes, deciding for less isn’t a bad thing. He has also taught me that even in a world full of bad things we can still find something good in it and nurture that amazing thing.

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