The king stood in front of me. His strong figure was overpowering, and I stood in the middle of his shadow. The chapel was full of people eager to see me cross the bridge to knighthood. I was one of the only female knights, but I had saved the king’s life, and he decided I deserved the title.

I went from pupil to knight in less than a week.

My mother wasn’t proud. Quite the contrary – disappointed. My father had given up his life fighting against the enemy, and I had decided to blindly continue the same path. But, honestly, the only reason I was here was because, as a pupil, I was constantly away from home. Many believed that knighthood was a road away from home, but it was even worse as a pupil.

I just hope I will have more free time at home; after all, knights were only called when they had to fight for the king.

“Madam Hill, you have proved that even the smallest can reach the sky if they truly believe,” the king began.

I stepped on the first step of the bridge; I was almost there, almost home.

The king lifted his heavy sword. The ceremony began.

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Eric Radcliffe
Eric Radcliffe(@eric-radcliffe)
2 years ago

Don’t we all love stories of valor, of a romantic age long passed! Being part of it is magical – nicely written.

Sandra James
Sandra James(@sandra-james)
2 years ago

Well written, Ila; my heart is filled with sadness for the mother who fears she will suffer loss again. Hopefully, the knight’s hopes will be a blessing for both of them.

musing mind
musing mind(@musing-mind)
2 years ago

Mother’s loss is the biggest loss. Your story very well reflects that.

Susan Dawson
Susan Dawson(@susan-dawson)
2 years ago

I love the ‘standing in the king’s shadow’ line. Crossing that bridge has so many modern parallels.

Lotchie Carmelo
Lotchie Carmelo(@lotchie-carmelo)
2 years ago

I agree with Sandra. The mother may fear that she might suffer loss again. As a mother, it is very hard to lose your child. The pain is incomparable. For most mothers, it is much better to lose their life first than losing their children’s life.

Katy Bizi
Katy Bizi(@katy-bizi)
2 years ago

Such a cruel fate! The pain that resides in this mother’s heart, it’s truly heartbreaking.

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