Darius asks the question, and Ronnie chants, “I know! I know!”, but Sally is the oldest, so she goes first.

Sally: I believe that when we’re away at school, Mommy recharges at home!

Ronnie: Recharges?!

Sally: Uh-huh! Like a big ol’ battery!

Sally: As soon as our bus leaves, she zombie-walks home-

Darius: No!

Sally: Yes! -all the way into the basement-

Darius: No!

Sally: Yes! -where she keeps her secret recharging station!

Darius: No!

Sally: Why else does Mommy always say she needs to recharge? It must be true.

Ronnie jumps to her feet.

Ronnie: No, no, no! That’s all wrong! I know what really happens, because I saw it myself!

Sally: Hmpf! Well go on.

Ronnie: It was the day I threw up all over the couch, –

Darius: Ick!

Ronnie: -the floor, the door mat, and the-

Sally: Okay, okay! Enough!

Ronnie: Mommy tucked me into bed and sent you two off to school. When she returned…

Darius leans in, anticipating.

Ronnie: She came into my room, grew ten extra arms and started cleaning everything!

Sally: Baloney!

Darius: No! She’s onto something! All of our rooms are always clean when we come home from school…

Sally: You really believe her?!

Darius: Not quite…Ronnie, you’ve got the right idea, but…

Darius pats Ronnie on the shoulder, apologetically.

Darius: Mommy actually uses her ten arms to search our rooms for food!

Sally and Ronnie: Baloney!

Darius: I proved it myself! One day, a bag of my chips disappeared while I was away at school…

Ronnie: Did you call the cops?

Darius: No – the next day I hid a pack of four cookies under my pillow and…

Sally and Ronnie: And?!

Darius: When I came back, there were only three left!

Ronnie: No!

Darius: Yes!

Sally: Maybe, when Mommy has the whole house to herself, she recharges, grows ten arms, and then eats our snacks.

Darius: Agreed.

Ronnie: Hey! What about my idea?

Darius: Sorry Ronnie-

Darius pats Ronnie on the shoulder, apologetically.

Darius: It’s been settled.

The bus arrives. The kids climb aboard, headed for home.

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2 years ago

A fun story, Nico, and a great title!

2 years ago

Hello Nico. I enjoyed this story. The picture and the title pulled me in, but once I started reading I couldn’t stop. Great job of writing from a kid’s point of view.

Leena Auckel
Leena Auckel(@leena-auckel)
2 years ago

Your story gave us an insight of the hard work of a housemaker… from a kid’s point of view, Mamma is a super hero!

Eric Radcliffe
Eric Radcliffe(@eric-radcliffe)
2 years ago

Ha, ha, it’s not often that children are aware of the many tasks that a Mother does, so it’s a nice fun spin to see how they think their Mother manages. I enjoyed the way you put this across.

Last edited 2 years ago by Eric Radcliffe
Susan Dawson
Susan Dawson(@susan-dawson)
2 years ago

Just perfect and the title makes it whole. Reading the title made me want to dive into the story, a bit like that of the 3 billboards film.

Lotchie Carmelo
Lotchie Carmelo(@lotchie-carmelo)
2 years ago

First, you picked the very nice title for your story, very intriguing and interesting. Second, When I read the whole story it makes me laugh ? I feel I was there at the bus stop and having fun while listening to the three little funny children, having their arguments on how their mother manages their home when they were out for school. Nice one, Nico❤️

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