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Week 14 (4/19, 23)
Topic: Voicing
Key concepts: : Minor chord progressions

ASSIGNMENT DUE - 4/23 @ 11:00 AM
ALTERNATE Assignment - Instructor Permission:
Writing - "Moscow Nights - Piano Diplomacy - Van Cliburn" - Video Post
  • Reading: Set 8
  • Dr. Yamazaki -> 2021.04.19.Advice:
    #1) Counting out loud while sight reading at slow tempo
    #2) Diminished chord can be substitute for V7 – however V7 is strongest harmony

    #3) Audiation – Hearing music in your head, on demand. When you try to remember a song you heard, you generally audiate it, imagining it playing again in your mind. You also audiate if you try to imagine music before you play it when improvising.
  • Repertoire: Schytte Etude, Op. 108 No. 12 – Prepare for Final Exam

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