“Can I take your order, sir?”

“Let’s see now … I’d like … Cassie, is that you? Can it possibly be you? Dearest Cassie!”


Eyes. Brown meets blue; time stands still.

“Did you ever get into the RSC? Play Cordelia? Juliet? I was Oberon to your Titania, remember? When we were happy, before the …”

“That was a long time ago.”

” ‘I know a bank where the wild thyme blows, where oxlips and the nodding violet grows.’ Oh Cassie, that was your favorite! Day after glorious day, we read Shakespeare, our lives entwined with luscious woodbine, sweet musk-roses and with eglantine.”

“A very, very long time ago. Today’s soup is avocado with a touch of lime. Care to order?”

Blue eyes, tips of icebergs revealing very little of the depths below.

Brown eyes, soft and misty with memories.

“Cassie, please. We disagreed violently, yes, but I finally accepted your decision. Your acting career meant everything to you. I knew you didn’t want to be tied down. I was heartbroken, but …”

“Daniel. I have other customers waiting.”

The blue icebergs seemed to be disappearing into the cold deep.

“I gave you what you asked – your freedom. And I finally forgave you. But still I wish …”

“If you don’t want to order, just go home. To your wife. And children.”

“Sadly, no children. I never married, Cassie. You were my light in the east, my rising sun.”

“I’m middle-aged now. A waitress, not an actress.”

” ‘To me, fair friend, you never can be old.‘ My own dear Cassie.”

Shivering blue icebergs turned nervously toward the door.

“Please, Daniel, just go!”

From the doorway, a sudden vision of youth, all velvet doe’s eyes and sunrise smiles. “Mom! Mom! I got the part! I’ll be playing Titania!”

“Cassie??” Brown eyes suddenly stabbed with pain and a new emotion, as yet unnamed.

“I just couldn’t …” Icebergs shattering, melting, flooding.

“Why didn’t you tell me …” Brown locked with blue, daring to hope.

“Who’s this, Mom?”

“Danielle, I … I want you to meet … umm … your …. umm …my ….my Oberon.”

Brown eyes meet brown. The curtain rises.

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Carrie OLeary
Carrie OLeary(@carrie-oleary)
3 months ago

What a beautiful story, Juma. It’s the first time I’ve seen this one. 🙂

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